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Located in the Mississippi Flyway and sitting on the banks of Overflow National Wildlife Refuge is Overflow Lodge, home to CDF guests. Here we offer the works; Imagine a plantation landscape surrounded by Bayou Bartholomew in front and Walker Break in the rear yard. The recreation of this antebellum plantation home was built in 1979 and is located on twelve acres of live oak trees, long leaf pines, magnolia and cypress trees. The plantation home is colonial in style and is the perfect spot to rest, relax, and experience a trip back in time!

We offer a variety of habitats to hunt but our most dominant and plentiful are our rice fields, covering some 4,000 acres of prime waterfowl real estate. Our fields sit between the Worlds Longest Bayou, Bayou Bartholomew and the Mighty Mississippi River, each within 15 minutes of our ground. These two water passages are major flyway routes for thousands of mallards and multiple species of birds every winter during migration!








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    Carter Duck Farm



About the Rooms

  • Foyer Entrance

    The foyer leads to a large stair case that opens into a sitting area upstairs.


  • Living Room Downstairs

    The living area includes multiple places to rest and relax, play a game or watch tv.

  • Master Bedroom

    Master Bedroom Downstairs

    The Master Bedroom will sleep up to 4 people.


  • Old South Room

    Old South Room Upstairs

    The Old South Room has one queen canopy that will sleep 2.


  • Tiger Room

    Tiger Room Upstairs

    The Tiger Room has one queen bed and bunk bed with a double on bottom and a single on top.

  • Razorback Room Upstairs

    The Razorback Room has four single beds that can sleep 4.


  • Bathrooms

    5 bathrooms, sizes and configurations vary, and may include a shower, tub/shower.



We have three great hunting rates for your group to choose according to your budget:

CDF Arkansas Rate 1: Three Days
Our three day hunt rate costs $995 per person. This includes 3 morning hunts, all meals, lodging, and transportation to and from hunting areas. Not included is your hunting license, shells and personal equipment.
CDF Arkansas Rate 2: Two Days
Our two day rate costs $695 per person. This includes 2 morning hunts, all meals, lodging, and transportation to and from hunting areas. Not included is your hunting license, shells and personal equipment.
CDF Arkansas Rate 3: One Day
Our one day rate costs $350 per person. This includes 1 morning hunt, 1 night stay at our lodge, 2 meals, and transportation to and from hunting areas. Not included is your hunting license, shells, and personal equipment.
Mark Carter

Mark Carter

Mark, 35, began duck hunting on Felsenthal and Overflow Refuge at the age of 12 with his cousins. He learned that duck hunting was a way of life and that the season of learning this great sport is year round. Early on Mark realized that duck hunting was going to be a life long passion and he wanted to share these experiences with others so that they could see the beauty of mallards dropping out the sky and meeting their steel shot maker.

Charleston is Mark’s British “Polar Bear” lab that he picked out of the litter because he looked like he could “break ice with his chest!” He has two hunting seasons behind him, both full of ice breaking, and is sure to make friends with everyone he meets.

Mark started Carter Duck Farm with the intent of each hunt to be a “Purpose Driven Hunt.” The purpose is to bring people together so that they can find community and build lifelong memories. It is not only about shooting ducks, but also deepening a bond between others while being refreshed by the great outdoors.

Javan Long

Javan Long

Javan, 29, has grown up hunting the Eastern side of Arkansas for some 20 years now. He also founded and operates a custom waterfowl/ turkey call business, We Talk Fowl. Javan is more passionate about hunting and the outdoors than your average bear, he strives to make every guest at CDF have the most fulfilling hunt possible and in every aspect of the game. From decoy placement, to his calling expertise, heck he’ll even clean and bag your game after the hunt! Definitely a guy you would want to experience this adventure with at CDF!!!

He self trains his retrievers and they are always a pleasure to have for a full morning of taking birds.  His oldest and most experienced retriever is a 3-year-old, 115lb silver lab, named Splash… Next is Shells, she’s a 1 year old, strawberry blonde British lab, and this will be her first full season on the stand! Javan is anxious to see her in action, he says, “she’s as explosive as he’s ever seen!”


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